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Hayu : introduction
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The Hayu inhabit an area of Nepal between 50 and 100 km south east of Kathmandu, in the valleys of the Rosi Khola and the Sun Kosi north of the Mahabharat range and in the valley of the Marin Khola south of it. They are called 'Hayu' in Nepali and 'Wayu' (sometimes transcribed 'Vayu') in their own language. It is no longer spoken in most Hayu settlemetns, but there remain several hundred speakers (all bilingual in Nepali, the Indo-Aryan national language) in two areas some 30 km apart: the village of Murajor in the valley of the Kosi (Ramechhap district), and the villages of Manedihi and Adhamara overlooking the Marin Khola in Sindhuli district. The materials presented here were collected in Murajor (Sukajor Village Developlent Committee) in 1972. There are currently (2005) no speakers under the age of 15 in Murajor, but the language is still spoken in the other two villages.

Hayu is close typologically, geographically, and no doubt genetically to the Kiranti languages spoken further east in Nepal (see Bahing and Limbu on this site).